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#103466 - That foot-long cock of yours is now useless !” In shock and rage, Kabot screamed at the Spider-Goddess, “I AM THE LION OF THE NORTH AND THE CHOSEN WARRIOR OF OZIR, THE ONE, TRUE GOD AND ---MMMppphhh !”, Thorvik's bluster was suddenly cut off by more strands of golden webbing that filled his mouth and wrapped around his head, like a makeshift ball-gag. Must. EPILOGUE: Two days later, the secret church of the Spider-Goddess held a special meeting with the various bandit gangs and thieves' guilds to plan around and celebrate the capture of Thorvik Kabot; with the “Sacred Scion Of the North” out of the way, they could now accelerate and expand upon their plans.

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Yoshino shimazu
I have no idea what that even means
Seijuurou mikoshiba
Stalin would have sent them both to g u l a g
Kari kamiya
Omg this is incredible your throat swallows cock with such ease it must be fully open and the tongue action with his cock all the way down your throat is just unbelievable you make it look so easy