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#127540 - Tilting her head back for a moment she swallowed, panting loudly as each thrust carried her to new heights, the knowledge that her boyfriend was beneath her, giving up his ass with no reciprocation whatsoever ticking all of her boxes at once. His hands dug into the bed sheets as his whole body rocked with the force of her thrusts, their bodies clapping loudly together as her balls slapped against his with every deep drive up into him, her breasts, heavy and full bouncing with each thrust, her face flushed red as a few beads of sweat trickled down her plush form. “You like that baby? You still soft for me?” She cooed as she used him, the intense heat of his ass squeezing down on her cock as she fucked him, the familiar sensation of her climax approaching beginning to surge through her, making her legs weak as she took him doggy style.

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